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Favorite Things

A Year of Daily Offerings

Since opening my heart and centering my life on Christ a little over twelve years ago, I have spent time with Him in a devotional almost every single day – at least that’s always been …

Heart Hands

Love is Greater than Acceptance

While the words hate, tolerance, and coexistance get thrown around a lot in our society, I wonder how often we really stop to consider what they mean and if we do (or even should) reflect …

Bronze Mary with Baby Jesus

Why I’m Catholic, Part I: Mary the Mother of Jesus

Backstory: Why a Series? I originally sat down to discuss all of my answers to the question ‘Why am I Catholic?’ in a single post, but it quickly grew into a mile-long publication that told …

Girl on Mountaintop

Born Again Christianity: Is it Necessary for Salvation?

What qualifies us for salvation? When we ask what qualifies us for Salvation it is often for one of two reasons: (1) We have never met Jesus and really have no idea what the next …

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