About Christina


Christina Marie

Originally a native to a southern suburb of Minneapolis, MN, I am now a wife and mother of two amazing and incredibly talented boys in Colorado Springs, CO – best city ever!  I am a lover of music, books, coffee and all things chocolate (you can send them to…just kidding)!  Other noteworthy faves include movies, tjmaxx, long walks, falling leaves, and amazing vacations – though I can’t really remember the last time I was on one:).

I am all about being me and you being you because every single one of us is a piece of the image of God.  Where I lack, one of you has more, and vice versa.  None of us alone gets as close to the beauty that is the Creator as we can amount to as a whole. 

I’m so glad you dropped by!  Don’t forget to become a member and say ‘hi’!

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