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Zealot has something of a negative connotation to our time and culture – what with all of the extremists and terrorists that affect everyone all around the world.  But as a word in reference to honoring God, there is nothing negative about it. Should it have only to do with esteeming the Law for the sake of the law, it would not honor Him since the motivation behind what we do is everything.
1 Corinthians 13:3 tells us that even “if [we] give away all [our] possessions, and if [we] hand over [our] bodies [in martyrdom] so that [we] may boast, but we do not have love, [we] gain nothing.” And Psalm 139:1-4: “…you [God] have searched me and know me…you discern my thoughts from far away.”
God doesn’t want us motivated to do what He asks because we’re afraid of Him, but because we love and stand in awe of who He is as our Creator and Redeemer. (P.S. when you really get to know Him, I promise, this will be the case.)
According to Merriam-Webster, a zealot is a zealous person; [someone] filled with or characterized by zeal. And per dictionary.com: a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals. (I insert Jesus here.)
As many of you know, there was an ancient Jewish sect that called themselves zealots. They were disgusted with the Roman Empire and would do any- and everything they could to remove it from the Holy Land – including taking up arms. Though a ‘modern zealot’ is not them (both literally and figuratively speaking), we are disgusted with sin and will do any- and everything to remove it from our lives and help those around us to do the same; the arms we take up are that of humility, love, and prayer.
When someone has tasted the Lord and, in turn, becomes zealous for Him, they are driven by love for the sake of love, and honor the Law because it was asked in love by the One they love. When that is the case, how could any of us be anything but modern zealots?!?
Music has a tendency to overcome barriers and touch us in ways that words alone might not. Which of you out there can say you’ve never been moved by music in a way that has felt more spiritual than physical?

I have.

And music has had an immeasurable impact on me coming to a personal relationship with Christ.  Too many times when I had no one to talk to and felt like I was dying [inside], the Lord would move through the lyrics and melodies to console my heart and keep me moving. I’ll even go so far as to say that it might have saved my life.

The Lord gave us music, and we bless Him when we return it to Him with praise – genre and personal preference aside. So many people believe that music has to be ‘just so’ in order to bring glory to God, but that is simply not the case. Please allow the songs provided after each posting to expand your horizons; if it makes you a little uncomfortable, pray about whether or not the Lord is asking you to challenge your preset notions about where He fits in the musical realm.
After all, “he who sings [or raps], prays twice.” – St. Augustine

Unless otherwise noted, all scripture references in my postings/on my site are from the New Revised Standard Version.

I do not mean to belittle Catholicicsm. I love and believe in the faith with all my heart. But I choose to recognize the equality of my protestant brothers and sisters. I want to honor their beliefs in a unified (not relativistic) effort pointing all toward Christ where we will worship the one, true God together for all eternity.

If we’re going to do it up there, why can’t we begin it down here?

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